Mayor Allison Silberberg
Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia

“We are all the temporary stewards of this national treasure

        called Alexandria.”

                                                           - Mayor Allison Silberberg


My Record of Leadership

Tackled head-on a range of environmental and infrastructure issues that

    have been festering for years and even decades.

Committed fully to fixing our combined sewer outfall issues, pushed for

    the city to partner with AlexRenew, and lobbied Congress and the Virginia

    General Assembly for funding.

Approved two new schools in one year -- a first for Alexandria.

Increased significantly the city’s budget commitment to our schools.

Accelerated long-overdue street repaving for over 130 lane miles in the

    past two years.

Initiated ethics reform to increase transparency and trust in local government.

Championed civic engagement and fought for the open mic tradition.

Initiated and drafted the Council’s Statement on Inclusiveness.

Initiated and drafted the Council’s Resolution for Common Sense

     Gun Reform Laws.

Strengthened Alexandria’s relationship with the Housing Authority to

    upgrade affordable housing.

Increased dedicated funding for the Affordable Housing Fund.

Led successful effort to prevent a new proposed tax on Old Town businesses,

    known as the BID tax, which was opposed by the majority of the Old Town

    business community.

Maintained Alexandria’s AAA bond rating.

Signed on as a Climate Mayor and committed our city to work toward

    100% renewable energy.

Set a goal to increase our city’s tree canopy from 34% to 40% in one decade.

    Convened a strategy meeting of local tree advocates, nonprofits, civic

    associations, and city staff to jump start the planting of native trees across

    the city.

Established the Senior Advocacy Roundtable, joining forces of nonprofits,

    foundations, the Commission on Aging, and city staff to meet our seniors’ needs.

Created an Arts District in North Old Town.

Created the Clergy Council to discuss community concerns and unmet

    social needs.

Added the 1770s’ Murray-Dick-Fawcett house to our historic preservation

    stock, the most significant addition to our city’s portfolio in half a century.

Pushed to accelerate renovation of Windmill Hill Park and other city parks,

    encouraging civic participation and philanthropy.

Added more traffic enforcement across our city to ensure public safety.

Passed the Vision Zero Plan to increase public safety for pedestrians, cyclists,

    and drivers.


Former Mayor/State Senator Patsy Ticer and Allison Silberberg at the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra’s annual gala in March of 2015. Thanks to the Friends of the Commission for Women for its “Tribute to Patsy Ticer” in March 2018.


Getting Things Done!

Maria Andrade and her sons, Hugo and Angel, with Allison Silberberg.


In the spring 2015, Allison met with Maria Andrade and her two sons, Hugo and Angel. At age 7, Hugo (in the center) was trick-or-treating on Russell Road in 2013 when he was struck and nearly killed by a car. Despite three surgeries for a broken leg and kidney damage, Hugo, now age 9, has made a miraculous recovery and has shown great courage. Neighbors on Russell Road reached out to Allison for help. They banded together to make Russell Road safer.

  “Police reports indicate that over 80 accidents, including 16 hit-and-runs, occurred on Russell Road between 2005 and 2013 in which out-of-control vehicles rammed cars, bicyclists, pedestrians, trees, and even a house. However, despite these dangers, and our multiple appeals to the city for help in traffic calming since 2001, all we received were Band-aids.

“In the fall of 2013, we called and emailed several city officials in desperation after a harried delivery driver struck a 7-year-old trick-or-treater in front of our homes. Allison was the only one who personally responded. Not only did she respond, but she stood on our sidewalk during evening rush hour to truly understand the problem that we have been asking city officials to help solve for more than a decade. She worked tirelessly with us, our neighbors, city staff, and the local civic association. Within six months, she transformed our street. We are so grateful. Allison gets things done!”   

                                                 - Chris Tyson and many families of Russell Road


A Champion for Citizens of All Ages

     Passionately committed to seniors, Allison Silberberg stands with supporter Mary Langley. Soon after becoming Mayor, Allison established the Senior Advocacy Roundtable, bringing together leaders from our nonprofits that serve our seniors, the Commission on Aging, INOVA Alexandria Hospital and relevant city departments. In our meetings, we focus on finding ways that all these entities can join forces to ensure we are meeting the needs of our seniors. Working together, we have gotten better results. It is exciting to see the energy and enthusiasm as these leaders brainstorm new ideas and collaborate to make things possible for our seniors and make the outcomes even more successful.


Inclusiveness: Standing Together

At Allison’s suggestion, the Members of the Alexandria City Council issued the following statement on November 18, 2016, regarding our city’s dedication to inclusiveness:

Alexandria, Virginia, is a city of kindness and compassion.

We are a thriving community of engaged residents with strong ideals of peace, community service, and both shared and diverse cultures.

Our city declares itself to be a hate-free zone. We are an accepting and embracing community where we treat each other with human dignity and respect. There is no place for intolerance in our community. This is a core value of our city.

In recent times, many of our neighbors, families and children have expressed fear and apprehension, and there has been an increase in hateful and dangerous speech and acts nationwide. Recognizing everyone's First Amendment right to freedom of speech, we are also dedicated to freedom from fear.

People of diverse culture, race, color, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and persons with disabilities live and work together in Alexandria and bring pride and prosperity to our community.

On behalf of the City of Alexandria, the Alexandria Human Rights Commission, and the people we serve, we reaffirm our responsibility to ensure that each person within our jurisdiction is accorded equal protection under the law, including the rights enshrined in the Constitution of the United States and the Virginia Constitution, and those set forth in the Alexandria Human Rights Code.

We proclaim that we remain committed to diversity and to fostering an atmosphere of inclusiveness that respects the dignity and worth of every person without regard to race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, immigration status, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or familial status, and we declare that we denounce hate speech, hate crimes, harassment, racial bias, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-immigrant activity, and harmful bias and discrimination in all forms.


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            Two Attachments:

            - Fauquier County’s Code of Ethics Resolution, adopted in 2004

            - October 28, 2008, Ethics Reform Memo from Councilmen

               Smedberg and Wilson and then-Councilman Krupicka


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“Historic preservation is a core value of our community, and it needs to be a core value of our elected leadership. I will never sell City Hall.”

                                                                - Allison Silberberg


As Vice Mayor, Allison Silberberg attended a Capitol Hill reception, which was hosted by Senator Tim Kaine and Senator Mark Warner. (April 9, 2013)


As Vice Mayor, Allison Silberberg spoke at the annual Street Smart Public Safety

event. (October 22, 2013)


“City Hall is not separate from the people. City Hall is the people.”

                                                           - Allison Silberberg



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Allison Silberberg with children who helped her campaign, handing out stickers and walking cards. (Early June 2012)


“Silberberg has shown considerable courage as a council newcomer in standing against her fellow members on the waterfront redevelopment issue. We hope that other councilors will join her in working to ensure that the heart of Old Town remains livable.”     


                              - The Alexandria Times editorial, March 21, 2013


Catch Allison!

In honor of Arbor Day, Allison Silberberg planted a Chinquapin oak tree in historic Parkfairfax at 3571 Martha Custis on April 27, 2012. This is the third tree Allison has dedicated in Parkfairfax, where she has lived for the past 20 years. Standing with Allison (left to right): Parkfairfax staff Trolley Faison, Paul Johnson and Donald Cunningham, Parkfairfax horticulturist Neal Howlett and Parkfairfax resident Scott Knudsen, who donated the tree for Allison to plant. Scott is the founder/director  of the Parkfairfax Native Plant Sale. Allison thanked Neal and Scott for working with her on this project and for donating their expertise, time and the tree. Allison dedicated the tree in memory of Remy Gunther-Brown, who had compassion and a big heart and who will be sorely missed. (1983 - 2012) (Photograph by Wayne Hulehan)  Read the story in Patch.


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Allison Silberberg thanked Alexandria firefighters for their service at the Friendship Firehouse picnic on September 23, 2012.

(Photo by Wayne Hulehan)

(Nothing contained herein implies an endorsement by the Alexandria Fire Department

or the City of Alexandria.)


Allison Silberberg with former Governor Terry McAuliffe at a fundraiser for his gubernatorial race. (February  2013)


“We have to ask ourselves, ‘What kind of a city and community do we want to live in?’ If we know our core of who we are, then we would know that we are not National Harbor and that BRAC should have never come to pass. To me, Alexandria is like Bedford Falls from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ and we should not try to be what we are not, which is Pottersville, which is fine for other communities but not for us. There is only one Alexandria, and we should stick to our knitting if our beloved city is going to survive another 400 years. It all starts with knowing your core vision. Alexandria needs leadership that has that core vision in the marrow of its bones.”

                                                                       - Allison Silberberg


Allison Silberberg with Former Governor and Senator Tim Kaine, who is an outstanding U.S. Senator for Virginia, at the ADC’s JJ Dinner,

June 9, 2012.


Allison Silberberg:  A Quick Bio


        Mayor of Alexandria, January 1, 2016 - present.

            Election results.

   Vice Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia (January 2, 2013 - December 31, 2015)

       Election results.

        Served as Secretary/Treasurer, a corporate officer, for the Metropolitan

            Washington Council of Governments, 2014.

        Published author with expertise in philanthropy, grant making, the

            nonprofit sector, and civic engagement.

        Author of two books, including “Visionaries In Our Midst: Ordinary People

            who are Changing our World,” which hit #1 on Amazon’s Philanthropy &

            Charity list. Named a Finalist for ForeWord Reviews’ Book of the Year

            Award in 2009. Her other book was a memoir that a philanthropic family

            commissioned Allison to write.

        The Society for Women’s Health Research, whose mission is to ensure that

            women are included in medical research, clinical trials, and drug testing,

            commissioned Allison to co-author a book. (SWHR is finalizing the book

            before publication.

        Freelance writer/Communications consultant.

        Chair of Alexandria’s Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC),

            2010 - 2012. Appointed EOC member, 2004 - 2012. Focused

            EOC’s legislative priorities on affordable housing and job creation.

        Initiated and led EOC’s annual public service day, “All Hands on Deck,”

            which did a makeover of the Alexandria Community Shelter in 2011.

        Former Capitol Hill staff for Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen.

        Founded and led a nonprofit that mentored youth in Anacostia.

        25 years of community outreach work and public service.

        Launched and directed monthly charitable events that gave over $50,000

            to local nonprofits.

        Founding board member of the National Chamber Ensemble.

        Served as president of the board of the Georgetown Senior Center.

        Served on The World Bank’s Community Outreach Grants Committee.

        Longtime member, Alexandria Democratic Committee.

        Resident of Alexandria since 1989 and in historic Parkfairfax since 1992.

        B.A. in international relations and history, American University.

        M.F.A. in playwriting, UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television.

        - Learn more about Allison’s community work and political experience.


   - To read an in-depth biography, please visit the BIO page.


Allison Silberberg with Delegate Charniele Herring at the Democratic Business Council

on October 5, 2012. The previous day, Delegate Herring gave a rousing introduction for

Allison at a fundraiser at Clyde’s, hosted by Jerry and Ed Bernier.



Scooping ice cream and making a difference for Carpenter’s Shelter:  Allison Silberberg with Nathan Wilson and Natalie Battaglia, two employees of Ben & Jerry’s in Old Town, 2012.

(Photo by Courtney Bishop)

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